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The International Justice Partnership (IJP) is in 2023 an informal organization that recognizes the fact that Canada, as a privileged nation, has the obligation to assist other countries to strengthen their democratic development, human rights, and rule of law. From 2013-2022, IJP operated as a Canadian non-profit corporation. In December 2022, IJP decided to dissolve its corporate status as it has not proved to be useful.

Canada enjoys world-wide reputation and is often looked upon at as a model and a leader in the areas of human rights and good governance. Canada also enjoys one of the most accessible and efficient judicial systems in the world.

Canada has a reputation as a multi-cultural and bi-juridical country with a stable democratic government and robust rule of law. A growing demand for democratic reforms around the world has inspired the IJP to facilitate access to Canadian judicial organizations for members of the judiciary, court and justice administration internationally.

It is important that members of judicial and court institutions from Canada and abroad are are offered an opportunity to share their experience and knowledge with emerging economies and/or countries wishing to reform their justice systems. Over the years, Canadian judicial participation in programs of technical assistance to such countries has been steadily contributing to the strengthening of the rule of law, improved access to justice and promotion and protection of human rights. IJP seeks to build upon and to expand this Canadian legacy by further promoting international partnerships in the area of justice reform.(en Français)